The first building I fell in love with was the Duomo di Milano. This is a photograph of me at the age of three with my Italian born father, Australian mother and elder sister standing in front of it on my first visit to Italy. My father was a lover of all things expressive and he was, until my teens, a fervent amateur filmmaker. I didn’t know then that I would become an architect, academic and independent filmmaker nor did I understand that buildings only come alive with experience; childhood memories of feeding and chasing pigeons in the forecourt of this dreamy and fantastical building.

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In 2013, I set up my own independent production company, Caryatid Films. The short film, Illegal Architect, is the first of what I hope will be a series of films – short and feature length – produced by Caryatid Films.

In order to enhance my filmmaking, I’ve done a professional script writing course at the Met Film School at Ealing Studios (15 Sept 2012 - 9 March 2013); a short Directing Drama course (June 2011) and Producers course (June 2013) at Film Oxford formerly OFVM (June 2012); and the fd4w (Film Directing for Women) Roadshow, “5 steps to Directing” course held at Birkbeck, University of London (April 2011).

I am in the process of writing scripts for some shorts and a feature length film. Some are about the plight of women architects, others about heroic women generally. The visualisation of new architectures and societies is embedded in my scripts. For me, filmmaking is a form of practice-based research, not exclusive to academia or architects. I’m aiming at a wider audience. It is part of my work in the research group, Architecture and Culture of Interdisciplinarity (ACID) [Part of OISD: Place, Culture and Identity]

My earlier three films were documentaries: House after Two Years of Living (2010), Conrad Gargett Architecture (2005), Building Mayne Hall (2004). Of these, my favourite is Building Mayne Hall. It taught me how to record human character and emotion visually through film.

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I love writing and reading. As a child and into my teens I read everything I could get my hands on but had a real fetish for dystopian fiction and fantasy novels. At that age I wrote poetry and plays for unknown casts. I began writing academic publications when I shifted from working in architectural practice to teaching in universities.

I enjoy writing about interpersonal relations in architecture, ones that affect architectural production, about friends and their enemies and how our personal relations enable or disable us. For this reason, I was drawn to writing social architectural histories, something I did between 2000-2010.

I think that generally women write differently to men. Women architect-fiction writers are few. Academic writing encourages you to withdraw emotion or mood from your voice. In recent years, I have begun to explore unconventional academic writing, its rules and regulations, preferring to write more creatively, fictitiously and experimentally. This interest mixed with my affection for visual culture has led me to start up, in collaboration with Diana Periton, an interdisciplinary journal titled Architecture and Culture (a Bloomsbury press publication).

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When I graduated from architecture, I never imagined pursuing teaching. I began tutoring part-time in 1997 and then took on more and more teaching quite unconsciously. I have taught at three universities: Oxford Brookes University (2005 to date), University of Queensland (2003-2005) and the Queensland University of Technology (1997-2002).

I co-teach a Masters architectural design studio, lecture in modern architectural history and critical theory, give a lecture course on alternative methods of architectural design research as well as Research-led Design, an interdisciplinary architectural design studio. I have been an External Examiner of the Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD), Birmingham City University, 2007-10 and am an External Examiner for the MA Architectural Design and MA Urban Design courses at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield from 2011-15.

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Since 2004, I have curated exhibitions in Brisbane, London and Oxford. My exhibitions are multimedia, always incorporating a video or film element. While my previous exhibitions were for an architectural practice or showcased the work of my students, it is my intention to next curate a solo exhibition of my own work including short films and associated artwork.

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I became a registered architect in Australia in 1996. Between 1993-95, I worked as an architect at Buro Wörmann Architekt BDA, Münster, Germany designing ambulance stations and hospitals (new infrastructure) after the fall of the Berlin wall. Between 1995-97, I was a Senior Architect at Richard Lonn Architect RAIA, Brisbane working mainly on university projects. I was a founding director of the collaborative architectural studio HAPPENiNC, Brisbane between 1997-2005 during which time we designed houses, an inner city arts facility and set designs. Since 2008, I have been a founding member/Director of Original Field of Architecture, Oxford (PT);

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